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Valentines from Christmas

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Valentine from Christmas PaperVWM1.jpg

Have you ever found yourself needing a quick card for a holiday and you don't have that holiday's special papers?  If so join the club!  Today at the International Scrapbook Garden blog, I want to show you a quick Valentine made from (gasp!) Christmas papers.

Today I was at my day job and had my two breaks and lunch to finish a card, including drying time.  So I packed up a small kit before I left for work and decided I would see what happened.

Valentine from Christmas PaperVWM1b.jpg

This is my "kit":

  1. One pre-folded grey card blank
  2. A Tim Holtz mini stencil in argyle
  3. Shimmerz Texturez in Tidy Widy * available in the store
  4. Maja Designs Home for the Holidays * available in the store
  5. Viva Glitter Pen Silver
  6. Scissors
  7. Adhesive and
  8. A heart punch.  

Everything fit in a 1 quart bag in my tote.

I needed to make my card in a couple of steps to have everything dried and ready to assemble on my afternoon break.  After cutting the two base pieces from Christmas papers and adhering them to each other, I used the stencil and the Tidy Widy Texturez.  I used an old credit card I carry with me to apply the medium over the stencil.  This paste is super white, which I love.  I put a thin layer on and some of the red shows through, so it ended up having a pinkish shimmer.

Valentine from Christmas PaperVWM1c.jpg

Often I am super careful to get a very even layer, but I wanted some rough interest on the card.  The photo above is wet.  

At the same time I punched the heart out.  I used the Viva glitter around the edges.  To keep my workspace clean for this and to have a place to dry, I used a trusty yellow post-it note.  That way I could move it out of my workspace to a drying area, while I was doing my day job!

Here is a close up of the heart and the stencil on the card.  See the pinkish shimmer?  Cool huh?

Valentine from Christmas PaperVWM1d.jpg

So I used some beautiful Christmas papers and some great mediums.  Who would know it's Christmas paper?   A new kit will be debuting in the next few days and we have some talented new members of our team.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Victoria